Introducing our new line TeaZima Rwandan Herbal Tea

Our Tea Odyssey

Welcome to TeaZima, a fusion of "Tea" (the most common word used to describe our hot steep herbal infusions) and a catchy term derived from "Ubuzima" (Total Health). In the heart of Rwanda, TeaZima embodies the concept of a Health Choice Drink for the entire family. We are more than just a tea company; we are a passionate community committed to bringing you exceptional teas while making a positive impact on our world. Let us take you on a journey through the story of TeaZima.

Why Tea?

The camellia sinensis plant, the source of all true teas, possesses remarkable healing and energizing properties. Rwanda's ideal climate for tea cultivation and the partnerships forged by 3 Mountains with local businesses and cooperatives support the livelihoods of over 100,000 people. Our dedication to quality has been recognized, with some of our teas winning awards from the North American Tea Association. While our teas are not charity products, they are undeniably changing lives for the better.

Our Roots in Rwanda

TeaZima is a part of the diverse portfolio offered by our parent company, 3 Mountains. The "3" in the name represents the three majestic peaks we call home, while the triangle shape in our branding symbolizes our core values: Unity, Service, and Recovery.

At TeaZima, we take pride in sourcing our teas with the utmost respect for both people and the environment. We've made a conscious choice not to use tea bags, as many of them contain plastic carcinogens, compromise the tea's quality and flavor, and contribute to environmental waste and depletion.  

Why Rwanda?

The story of TeaZima is deeply intertwined with Rwanda's history. Our founder, Sara, was profoundly moved when she learned about the 1994 Genocide of Rwanda, six years after the tragic events that claimed nearly one million lives in just 100 days. This heartbreaking revelation opened her heart and set her on a personal healing journey. When she set foot on Rwandan soil for the first time in 2009, she knew she had found her true home. Sara's inspiring journey is further explored in her TedX 2019 talk, where she shares her story and the passion that fuels TeaZima.

We are also proud to support Rwanda through our nonprofit foundation, Africa Healing Exchange, which plays a vital role in our mission to bring healing and hope to the people of Rwanda.

Making a Difference, From Crop to Cup

TeaZima is committed to conscious commerce from the cultivation of tea leaves to the enjoyment of our tea in your cup; we are dedicated to ethical practices and sustainability. Join us for a tour of our Rwandan farm, where you can witness firsthand the positive impact we make on local communities.


Our Commitment to Regenerative Agriculture

At TeaZima, we are thrilled to share exciting news about our partnership with Ubuzima Healing Garden Farm, a venture managed by the remarkable women of Umutuzo.

We are on track to receive Regenerative Agriculture recognition and are fully committed to meeting the stringent standards required for the utmost care of our soil and earth. This commitment results in better quality herbal tea and healthier communities, reinforcing our dedication to a sustainable and harmonious future.

Join us on this incredible journey as we sip our way to better health and a brighter world, one cup of TeaZima at a time.