Our Story

Our company is based in Asheville, North Carolina and partners with producer groups, farmers and artisans in Rwanda, to bring premium products to market. Purchase online and in any of our partner businesses throughout the U.S. and even in Europe!
Under the brand name Tîma Tea, we import and sell organic, pesticide-free, ethically-sourced, non-GMO Rwandan tea. Purchase in bulk loose leaf and in unique, recyclable triangle tins. Find our tea as a primary ingredient in other beverages like our very own Silverback!
Committed to conscious commerce and making a difference in the world, from crop to cup, we honor every person in the supply chain and do everything we can to maintain the utmost respect for our partners, for the environment and all of nature!

Why Rwanda?

When our founder, Sara, learned about the 1994 Genocide of Rwanda it was six years after the tragic series of events, when nearly 1 million people were killed in 100 days. It broke her heart open and helped her start on her personal healing journey and when she landed on Rwandan soil for the first time in 2009, she knew she was home.

Learn more about how we got our start in Rwanda through our nonprofit foundation, Africa Healing Exchange.

Why Tea?

 The camellia sinensis plant is one that heals and energizes, and Rwanda provides the perfect growing climate. The business and cooperatives 3 Mountains partners with support 100,000 people! Come meet some of them on our next Crop to Cup Tour. Some of our teas are winning awards through the North American Tea Association. This is NOT a charity product but it certainly is changing a lot of lives!